The healing that can grow out of the simple act of telling our stories
is often quite remarkable.

[Susan Wittig Albert]

Starting PointsAs a member of the Story Circle Network, I volunteered to do the graphic design, layout and cover for this book. I’m so excited to see it finished. This book can be ordered in two ways from One version can be downloaded as a PDF file so that you can print it out on your own printer. I like this since it can be hole punched and put into a notebook. The other version is printed with a full-color cover and is spiral bound. This company did a really nice job reproducing the cover. This book is a weekly topic guide that is described on Lulu as follows:

If you’re a woman who writes or a woman who would like to write, if you’ve ever journalled just for yourself or written family history for your descendants, if you long to tell your own story to your family and friends or to the world, this book will help you get started and keep writing each and every week for a whole year. These writing prompts, by best-selling author and founder of Story Circle Network, Susan Wittig Albert, bring you a wealth of wisdom from famous women and starting points to help you take those wise words and write your own stories and your own wisdom.