Knitter, Will Cronk, emailed the following after he bought a copy of my new pattern book, …and a time to knit stockings on CD:

I just received your book and it says to open your browser, which for me is internet explorer. I opened it and then the directions say to click on file. Well, Windows XP Pro udated version of the browser doesn’t have a “File” in any of the drop downs. I am not sure if you are able to do this anymore.

I replied with several suggestions and he wrote back with this successful resolution to the browser challenge:

Just in case others write to you about the same problem, in Internet Explorer XP Pro that has the latest updates, you can click on tools at the right side of the screen and select menu bar. That is where File – Edit – View – Favorites – Tools – Help is listed on the menu bar. Click File and then Open and select file, “a time to knit”.

I wanted to share this in case someone else has encountered the same technical challenge.