Turn your wounds into wisdom.
[Oprah Winfrey]

It happened yesterday on her way to the yarn shop—my friend took a misstep and fractured a bone in her foot. Not knowing it was fractured, she went on to the shop where she was cared for with an ice pack while she received a knitting lesson and the concern of new friends. Later, after she returned home from an urgent care center, she emailed me that one silver lining to her injury is that she now has a good excuse to sit and knit.

In case you need a dose of caregiving along with new yarn, here’s a LINK to the website of the shop she visited — Yarntiques in Johnson City, TN.

Meanwhile, instead of sending her a get-well card, I’m posting this LINK to another free PDF pattern that other folks might like too (even if you don’t have a good excuse to just sit and knit). I designed this to use when I teach sock workshop classes. It includes the basics of sock knitting and the non-stop heel in a quick-to-knit project. To make it even simpler, you can choose to knit stockinette instead of the k3, p1 ribbing. This will fit a small child.