Necessity is the mother of invention.
[Pesius Flaccusm, et al]

Unvention is a word I learned at Meg Swansen’s Knitting Camp. When a knitter figures out a technique in the isolation of her/his knitting nest, she/he unvents the technique, unaware that someone else has probably stumbled upon the same thing at one time or another. That is how I taught myself double knitting years ago. I just fiddled around not knowing it was an existing technique.

Here is my latest unvention. By the time I reached the gusset increases, I realized I’d not have enough yarn to finish the sock. When I finished the gusset, I knit back and forth on the top-of-the-foot stitches until I ran out of light green near the toe. I slipped the stitch at the end of each row then knit it as I started back. Then, using the dark green yarn, I worked the short rows for the heel and continued working back and forth on the sole. I knit the edge sole stitch together with the slipped stitch on the edge of the light green top. I slipped that stitch on my way back. Actually, it is very tidy looking and there are no holes.

A while back, I received an email from a knitter who asked how to reinforce just the sole of a sock. This might be the answer. I’ll experiment and let you know.