It is better to give than receive—especially advice
[Mark Twain]

Okay. I know. It is not even Halloween yet, but if you make gifts, you have to start earlier. For the past few years, last-minute and store-bought would have described my gifts. This year, I’ve been knitting gifts in response to, “I wish you’d knit … for me.” Well, Santa Kate has kept track and is checking her list so, if you are kin to me, you will probably get your wish. I’m not even considering whether you have been good or not.

I’ve been collecting other little goodies too. My spare bed is off limits to visitors because I haven’t wrapped anything yet. Toby dog prefers it when I knit socks instead of sweaters. He is a lap-sitter by nature and likes all of the room he can get. He also knows what everyone is getting but I’ve sworn him to secrecy.