It is impossible to overdo luxury.
[French Proverb]

Alpaca Socks

Okay folks. Now you are going to get a view of my dark side. I’m keeping these socks for myself! The yarn is Classic Elite, Alpaca Sox. I used my children’s inheritance to buy enough for one pair, and I may name it and keep it as a pet—it feels so good that it must surely be sinful.

Since I’m working three of these cable patterns on every round, it took me all day to knit just four inches (72 stitches on size #0 needles). Whew. I keep asking myself if I’m really going to work the cable on the top of the foot to the toe or am I going to stop this when I start the heel shaping. The cable is very flat so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable inside a shoe. The cable moves over only one stitch at a time instead of two over two.

Actually, I’m going to have to put these aside for awhile and finish my Christmas knitting.