Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.
[David McCullough]

Web Sites

I’ve been focusing on my day work and haven’t knit a stitch in two weeks. Good thing I like what I do for a living. In the past two weeks, I did a print layout for a 28-page newsletter. I rarely do print work now that electronic communication is so prevalent so this was more of a challenge than it was when I did it every day. I’m also doing website development and revisions.

I’m in the process of developing Bargello Rhythms for Bernie Miller. We have a start, but are adding to it soon. I’ve also added content to the Shepherd’s Moon website. Today, I plan to add new products and a PayPal shopping cart to Andrea Wong Knits.

Each media in which I work has its assets and liabilities. Print media is my favorite form of reading material, but websites are easily updated.

As an update on an old post, last week was my one-month measurement at Curves. I lost two and a half inches, two and a half pounds, and over one percent on my body fat ratio. I’ve gone three mornings a week for exercise, but haven’t changed my eating habits so those losses were just due to the weight training. My original reason for joining was to strengthen my muscles so I could shovel snow easier. I’ve had ample opportunity to shovel and it is, in fact, easier (or else the snow was lighter).