A project is complete when it starts working for you,
rather than you working for it.

[Scott Allen]

Some days feel like a vacation—Saturday was like that. My sister drove us to Shipshewana. I’ve lived in this part of the country for many years and have never been there before. What a delightful experience it was, and lunch was the best I’ve eaten in recent memory.

Back to the real world—my “To Do” list. I’m ticking off projects one after another. Actually, they are enjoyable so it isn’t as bad as it sounds. I do give priority to my “pay” jobs. Next comes volunteer jobs and gifts I’m making. Since I have the good fortune to work at home, I break things up with housekeeping chores. I dust while I talk on the phone. I get stair-climbing exercise while I run laundry. I stop in every room to tidy up two or three things. I’ve discovered I get more computer work done if I get up for ten minutes every hour (it is probably better for my health as well).