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I keep my end tables full of
knitting and quilting
so I don’t have to dust them.

I’ve dressed up my bedroom for the holidays. My new quilt (Lincoln Star) is finished so I paired it with new, navy blue flannel sheets. The pillow slips were sewn by Darlene, one of my knitting students. I love the touch of red she added to the cuffs. The small pillows are samples from one of the fall knitting classes that I taught at Sarah Jane’s. They are variations of the heirloom counterpane pattern. The bargello quilt wall hanging above the bed was made by my daughter, Ellen, the lamp was turned from wild cherry wood by my father, and the bedstead was handmade from walnut wood by a gentleman here in Indiana. I cleared my knitting off of the end table to take the photo.

Winter days are very short in northern Indiana so, when it gets dark, my little dog and I curl up in this cozy warmth. He naps while I knit and read. How can I be anything less than happy?