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Knit on with confidence and hope
through all crises.
[Elizabeth Zimmermann]


I’ve activated my new website: atimetoknit.com. One of the many good things about publishing online is that a Website is endlessly expandable. Currently, the site only offers free patterns, premium patterns and my two books, but I have plans.

More Premium Patterns

I have a list of seventy three designs that are in varying stages of development. My main challenge in getting these ready to sell is doing the math. In order to offer sweater patterns in at least three sizes, I need to calculate.

The patterns that excite me the most are my Great Lakes Chill Chaser Collection. These patterns will be my focus for the rest of the year. The premium patterns are currently sold through Ravelry.com. Although it is a membership site, non-members can access the pattern store. These are also sold through participating yarn shops.

Classes, Workshops and Seminars

I’ve taught a number of classes and workshops over the years. This is an activity that brings me as much joy as knitting. A number of the seventy three patterns I mentioned were developed to enable knitters to hone skills. I plan to add a section to the Website that will describe each class I offer with photos of the class projects.

Technique Videos

It has long been a dream of mine to offer simple videos that show how to execute various knitting techniques. I want the videos to be clear, concise and easy to replay.


Starting this month, I’ll compile a list of my favorite knitting links.

Those plans should keep me out of trouble for awhile. Of course, I’ll have to take knitting breaks. For some folks, comfort congers up a vision of favorite food or an easy chair. For me, I maintain my mental health with a set of knitting needles and a lovely ball of fiber. It also helps that I have no TV or cell phone.