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Three Pines is a state of mind.
When we choose tolerance over hate,
kindness over cruelty,
goodness over bullying,
when we choose to be hopeful not cynical,
then we live in Three Pines.

[Louise Penny]

Louise Penny, a mystery writer from Québec, Canada, is one of my favorite authors. Three Pines is the imaginary village that is home to many of the characters in her enthralling stories.

As the unofficial Christmas stocking knitter in my extended family, an honor I inherited from my mama, I usually knit colorful designs. I’ve long dreamed of doing one in a cream color with the pattern in texture stitches instead of color. Here it is. This is my tribute to Louise Penny, her books, and her imaginary village.

The pattern [DOWNLOAD PDF HERE] includes written directions for shaping and charts for the texture design.

Gauge: 8 Rows/inch (2.5 cm) and 6 Stitches/inch (2.5 cm). The sock can be enlarged or reduces in size by selecting heavier or lighter weight yarn and needles.

Yarn: Aran or cream colored worsted weight such as Brown Sheep Nature Spun or Cascade 220, 100 grams.

Needles: Double-pointed sock set or short circular in a size to render the gauge—about US #4 (3.5 mm) or #5 (3.75 mm).

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