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When we were children
we were grateful
to those who filled our stockings
at Christmas time.
Why are we not grateful to God
for filling our stockings with legs?

[G.K. Chesterton]

Buffalo Check Stocking


Last summer, I wrote a brief article for the Call of the Wool, the Dayton Knitting Guild newsletter. It was about the Christmas stocking tradition among the knitters in my family and included this new pattern as a ‘thank you’ for the encouragement and support I’ve received from the members of the guild. Here it is for you, my much appreciated blog readers, at no charge. Download a printable PDF by selecting this link.


While I knit, I listen to audio books. Some are checked out of our local library using the Libby app, and some are purchased. About a third of them are non-fiction history books—mostly about the American Civil War and World War One. Code Breakers are an interest of mine. I enjoy the books of specific historical writers such as David McCullough, Barbara Tuchman, Shelby Foote, and James McPherson.

I often listen again to a number of fiction books—especially if a favorite author is about to publish a new book in a series. I recently re-listened to Jacqueline Winspear’s Masie Dobbs series.

Other Joys

My furry buddy, Louie, and I walk every morning at six. Now that it is dark and chilly, I carry a flash light in my pocket. Lately, Christmas lights brighten our December walks and make it a happy exercise.

Another joy is having my grandson arrive every morning for school in my sunroom. He connects with his classes by WiFi on a laptop loaned to him by the school. I feed him breakfast, and serve him hot tea. PE has been reduced to exercises but I don’t think this will set him back. I wish I could have attended seventh grade in my grandma’s sunroom.

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