I have always grown from my problems and challenges,
from the things that don’t work out,
that’s when I’ve really learned.

[Carol Burnett]

Knitting Project

I’m starting over. This version of an argyle vest is too large so I’ve re-figured, re-did the graph, and I’m starting over as soon as I post this. Whew!

I’ve intentionally filled the last three months with challenges. Sometime around January 1, I mused about what would happen if I actually did all of the things I’ve said I should do for all of these years.

Family and friends. I tend to live in solitude too much. I’ve been driving a friend to work and picking up my grandson from school every day. This has enlarged my world remarkably.

Exercise. I’ve been weight training at Curves three times to week for three months now. Not only do I feel better, but it got me out in all sorts of weather so I’m not nearly as likely to become a hermit. It will be delightful to keep this up.

Medical Care. I broke a decade-long habit of not seeking medical care, even for health maintenance (it was an insurance issue). But now, I’ve had all sorts of screening tests and have found a physician I can call “my Dr.” This has been an interesting and encouraging experience because I found health-care providers who are efficient and caring. As far as I can tell, I’m healthy. Also, I took the test on Real Age.com (my “real age” was 59 so that made me feel great since I’m 65). I’ve found all sorts of interesting information on their website and browse it often.

Smoking. I’ve smoked for 45 years. I quit. I could write a book about this experience, but suffice it to say this might have been my biggest 2008 challenge so far.

Cooking/Diet. I’m learning new stuff. I only want to lose about 15 pounds, but I also want to learn new ways to cook and new menus. The South Beach Diet website is fun and continues to be helpful.

I set my challenges based on this rule of thumb: If I find myself saying, “I should….” or “I wish I could….” more than twice, I make up my mind either to do “it” or lay it to rest. Meanwhile, I need to un-knit this argyle vest and start it anew.

P.S. I’d dearly love to see even one flower bloom. I may have to jump in my car and keep driving south until I find spring. Surely it is spring somewhere by now.